Climate protection and pricing

A German earns on average 2.5 times more than a Chinese, but the Chinese can buy significantly more heat pumps. A case for the EU Competition Commission.

  Climate protection and pricing

My last newsletter was about the climate protection superiority house. Very much solar power, very efficient heat pump, but it came out very clearly that even poor people will be able to afford it. Two recipients of my newsletter found this so outrageous that they unsubscribed from my newsletter.

There was a Swiss company for photovoltaic heat combination, which had caught my eye in 2013 at the Intersolar with real Swiss prices. There was also the German Federal Association Heat Pump, which got my newsletter since 2010.

Have I written anything against the heat pump? No, of course not, I have been advocating the heat pump since 1991. In the GEMINI next generation there will be 1 to 2 heat pumps. Either a dual mode heat pump or an air-water and a water-water heat pump. So shouldn't the German Heat Pump Association cheer and inquire about my project?

This very question leads to the title of my newsletter today: "Climate protection and pricing".

  Raisin pickers and elitist pricing

Unfortunately, I live in a rented apartment whose underfloor heating is powered by gas. There were 2 cases where it should have been about replacing the gas heating. The heat pump companies that were called didn't even think it was worth the effort to make an offer. This project was all cake and no cherry for them.

The heat pump would have been so much more expensive than the gas heating that the lower operating costs could not have compensated for it in 20 years. But why is the heat pump so expensive? Because the suppliers are cherry-pickers who prefer a small market with elitist prices.

How much larger could the market share of the heat pump be if the price was half? If a heat pump would have been cheaper than gas heating?

  Added value environmental protection and climate protection

I have observed it again and again, most recently at Intersolar 2019: The mentality "Our product represents added value for the customer in terms of environmental protection, so it must be worth more to the customer, which is why we make it very expensive". This mentality "We make something so special, therefore we have the right to earn a golden nose with it as quickly as possible".

  Who can buy more heat pump?

A German earns on average 2.5 times more than a Chinese, but what use is that to him when buying a heat pump? The price difference for heat pumps is so extreme that the German with his higher income can buy less heat pump from EU production than the Chinese at Chinese heat pumps.

It's probably time for the EU Competition Commission to take up this case. Here's a list of the highest EU antitrust fines.

  Triple Tiny became GEMINI next Generation

2 weeks ago the project was extended by the XL version with 98 m² living space. With this, "Tiny" was actually already a strange name. Therefore I have renamed the project to "GEMINI next Generation".

2 heat pumps for system optimization? You can really only come up with ideas like that at Chinese prices.

  Plan 20-3-0

In the next 20 years, a 3-fold increase in the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment avalanche - innovation avalanche - economic boom

Even if the costs for a CO2 reduction by means of filtering and splitting have clearly decreased due to the current price development, 9,000 billion per year are not affordable for today's mankind. But with a 3-fold increase of the world economy and further cost reduction it is affordable. Why should it be affordable? Thawing permafrost and outgassing methane hydrate pose an enormous potential threat to climate development. A little reduction might not be enough. Even 100% less CO2 emission might still be too little. 200% less, i.e. no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and cracking, should be sufficient.

The economic conditions must be created for this, and the fact that this can only work with the creation of global prosperity is a nice side effect.

  List for expression and explanation of the demands

Page 1 signature list to print, page 2 the prehistory, page 3 to 36 slides to the presentation about the background of the demands. In the PDF are numerous links to further information.

  Information events

Now that the website, list and presentation are ready, I hope to receive invitations to many information events on the parliamentary citizens' initiative "Investment avalanche - triggering an economic boom".

  Page 1 Print, page 3-36 Study, collect signatures

How do you change something? By doing something! In this case, download the PDF, print page 1, study pages 2 to 36, and then start collecting signatures.
          Climate protection and pricing: A German earns on average 2.5 times more than a Chinese, but the Chinese can buy significantly more heat pumps. A case for the EU Competition Commission.