The climate protection superiority house

In the meantime, you can find offers with a ridiculous 4 kW photovoltaics on the Internet, which already call themselves "plus energy house". Therefore, a new term is necessary.

  Climate protection superiority house

As early as 1991, I described the GEMINI house as a plus-energy house. At that time, I understood this to mean an annual yield of 30,000 kWh. The prototype in Weiz in 2001 was unfortunately only designed for an annual yield of 8,500 kWh, not enough for my understanding of a PlusEnergy house. In the meantime, you can find offers on the Internet with a ridiculous 4 kW photovoltaics, which already call themselves "PlusEnergyHouse".

Therefore, a new term is needed. It is not about a little surplus. It's about achieving the greatest possible difference between the cost of production, the cost of operation and our own electricity generation during the service life.

  Industry 4.0 meets self-builder

What is a kit house? I imagine under it the scene, comes a semi-truck with loading crane, carries 20 tons of building material to the property, then comes the driver, please confirm receipt of the kit and good luck. Who can do it, who dares to do it?

The answer is probably only a very small minority of the population. To make this suitable for the majority of the population, this must be reduced to 2 questions:
  • Can you paint by numbers?
  • Can you lift 25 kg?
There is the idea of a factory floor where 6 to 8 house segments are assembled simultaneously. At each assembly station a large tablet where every step is displayed.
  • Go to the warehouse and get 4 pieces of OSB 3 2650 x 1250 x 12 mm, of course with site plan and photo
  • Go to the cutting saw and cut 2500 x 1150 mm pieces
  • Go to the router, pictures at which panels where to mill tongue and groove
Detailed instructions and videos are available for all steps. How to set the cutting saw? How to mill the tongue and groove? In case of problems, the self-builders can help each other, ask one of the employees for advice. As a last resort remains, sign the order, I leave it to the employees of the company.

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand information about each work step - that's Industry 4.0 meets self-builder.

  Triple Tiny XL Version

Since 64 m² for a large family is just a bit tight, I have now also designed the XL eXtended Length version. There are simply 3 segments in the middle more pure and it is then 98 m² living space with 4 to 6 rooms.

  Become an ambassador of the solar age

Preaching about climate protection and energy transition and living in a dwelling that generates little or no energy, but consumes a lot, that can't be it. The famous dialogue "I can't afford that", which is answered with a "Well, you see".

I had this problem too, I suffered from this problem since 1991, until with all my experience and 15 months of intensive study I developed the solution Triple Tiny.

  Preface for investors: We also sell houses to minimum pensioners

Just half a century ago, a skilled worker could build a house and maintain his family as the sole wage earner. But for a century now, the share of housing costs in family income has been rising permanently.

Home ownership has now become something you can almost only inherit, where you have to be a top earner to make it on your own. Young, Both earn very well, the whole professional life lies ahead of them, this is the situation where you think about your own house in today's market situation.

At the other end of the scale of potential home buyers is the minimum pensioner: self-employed for 40 years, he complains about his customers: "All Negroes", somehow he has held out all these years, but on average he has only achieved an annual balance before taxes of EUR 15,000. His wife, sometimes marginally employed, sometimes part-time.

For the much too expensive rented apartment there was rent subsidy, but only until the children moved out at the end of their studies. Then comes the pension notice: so little that the equalization supplement is paid:

This is now a minimum pensioner couple. If only it were possible to reduce housing costs from 1,000 EUR to 500 EUR per month, then you could do everything you dreamed of being able to do in retirement. Here begins the target group for the sale of Triple Tiny houses. With personal contribution and a favorable plot of land, the 500 EUR housing costs are possible.

The documents for investors are not generally available. Please contact us if you are interested.

  Plan 20-3-0

In the next 20 years, a 3-fold increase in the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment avalanche - innovation avalanche - economic boom

Even if the costs for a CO2 reduction by means of filtering and splitting have clearly decreased due to the current price development, 9,000 billion per year are not affordable for today's mankind. But with a 3-fold increase of the world economy and further cost reduction it is affordable. Why should it be affordable? Thawing permafrost and outgassing methane hydrate pose an enormous potential threat to climate development. A little reduction might not be enough. Even 100% less CO2 emission might still be too little. 200% less, i.e. no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and cracking, should be sufficient.

The economic conditions must be created for this, and the fact that this can only work with the creation of global prosperity is a nice side effect.

  List for expression and explanation of the demands

Page 1 signature list to print, page 2 the prehistory, page 3 to 36 slides to the presentation about the background of the demands. In the PDF are numerous links to further information.

  Information events

Now that the website, list and presentation on this are ready, I hope to receive invitations to many information events on the parliamentary citizens' initiative "Investment avalanche unleashed - trigger economic boom".

  Page 1 Print, page 3-36 Study, collect signatures

How do you change something? By doing something! In this case download the PDF, print page 1, study pages 2 to 36 and then start collecting signatures.
          The climate protection superiority house: In the meantime, you can find offers with a ridiculous 4 kW photovoltaics on the Internet, which already call themselves "plus energy house". Therefore, a new term is necessary.