How do you explain a CO2 tax?

How do you explain a CO2 tax to the voter in such a way that he is enthusiastic about it? As a barter deal, where the voter already starts to dream about his tax evasion.

  How do you explain a CO2 tax?

This question has been on my mind since 2004. How do you explain a CO2 tax to voters in such a way that they are enthusiastic about it? But only as a good barter deal. As a barter deal, where the voter already starts to dream about his tax escape. All the money he gets more from the magic word "revenue neutral" is to be invested in tax evasion. The flight from the CO2 tax is precisely the intended effect.

But that means if you're going to get into the CO2 tax, you already have to know how to cope with a tax base that's going to break away considerably. 180 EUR per ton of CO2 times 905 million tons of CO2 equivalent is 162.9 billion EUR.

But 500 million tons times 300 EUR is only 150 billion EUR left
But 200 million tons times 400 EUR is only 80 billion EUR left
But 100 million tons times 500 EUR is only 50 billion EUR left

And finally, you can only tax the gasoline at a classic car event.

This requires a concept, which unfortunately cannot be found on A logical concept is the land use tax with allowances. One also does not think about the problems of a tax system based on profit determination, therefore the entry into the CO2 tax is not perceived as an approach to exit a tax system based on profit determination.

  How much CO2 tax for maximum economic growth?

Yes, that's right, it really says maximum economic growth. In a shrinking economy, there is no room for major investments. The best way to do this is to imagine a cyclist with a big brown bear chasing him. The cyclist will give everything to be faster than the bear.

Symbolically, the cyclist stands for our efforts to get out of CO2 emissions. The big bear stands for the thawing permafrost. As they thaw, they can easily emit several times the amount of greenhouse gases that humanity is currently creating. As a cyclist, would you roll along quite comfortably with the big bear chasing you?

My thesis on this is 200 EUR per ton.

  CO2 tax on biomass

The theory is that the biomass would rot and release as much CO2 as if it were burned. This is also clearly true for straw in the field. In many countries it is also a big problem that the farmers burn the straw on the field. Since these plant residues would really rot here, no CO2 tax should be demanded for their utilization either.

The situation is completely different when it comes to wood. There stands this 80-year-old spruce and could become 600 years old. Unless a storm knocks it down, this spruce would not start to rot for another 500 years. But it is already being felled for the oh so environmentally friendly wood heating.

Therefore, differentiated CO2 tax rates for different types of biomass are necessary. Together with the land use tax, which must play a major role in any CO2 tax concept, the phase-out of biofuel can begin.

  Nothing learned, crucial exam tomorrow

What feelings would you have if your child has learned nothing and has a very crucial exam tomorrow? Questions about the exam material only reveal gaps in knowledge. If the child then also says "That's all unimportant". They only know the answer to one out of 10 possible exam questions.

No, there is no nice teacher to be expected who will test your child for "sufficient". There are lobbyists who are only satisfied with a "not enough minus" as an examination result.

I hereby urge all who are concerned with the subject of CO2 tax to study the details of this subject. As a first textbook I recommend the book Calculation ERROR.

  AfD can only be saved with a tough purge

Unmistakably, unignorably, the AfD agitates against electric cars and wind turbines and denies climate change: the increase from 280 ppm to 412 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere can never not change the climate. The AfD is digging itself into untenable positions, digging its own grave.

Only if the AfD succeeds in a tough purge to rid itself of lobbyists of outdated industry and climate change deniers, will the AfD survive the next federal election.

The AfD is in no way inferior to the Greens in terms of anti-nationalism. The AfD expresses this with "Germany is small and completely insignificant. New export products, new opportunities? No, old technology forever is the AfD's motto.

The AfD is even shooting itself in the foot on the refugee issue. A high standard of living is possible in Africa with a fraction of the effort. For this statement, one needs photovoltaics, accumulators and electric vehicles. With oil-dependent technology, Africa remains a poorhouse from which one can only flee. See the trade deficit of many African countries just to pay for oil imports.

I can understand how people who inform themselves only in the mass media come to such views. But for politicians, who are supposed to shape the future of a country, it is incompatible to be only at the level of knowledge of the propaganda of the mass media.

I am gladly available to the AfD for lectures on the situation and how to solve it, but what the AfD is pulling off now only finds its equivalent in the stab in the back legend about the German defeat in World War 1.

  Plan 20-3-0

In the next 20 years, a 3-fold increase in the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment avalanche - innovation avalanche - economic boom

Even if the costs for CO2 reduction by means of filtering and splitting have decreased significantly due to the current price development, 9,000 billion per year are not affordable for today's mankind. But with a 3-fold increase of the world economy and further cost reduction it is affordable. Why should it be affordable? Thawing permafrost and outgassing methane hydrate pose enormous potential climate hazards. A little reduction might not be enough. Even 100% less CO2 emission might still be too little. 200% less, i.e. no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and cracking, should be enough.

The economic conditions must be created for this, and the fact that this can only work with the creation of global prosperity is a nice side effect.

  List for expression and explanation of the demands

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  Information events

Now that the website, list and presentation on this are ready, I hope to receive invitations to many information events on the parliamentary citizens' initiative "Investment avalanche unleashed - trigger economic boom".

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          How do you explain a CO2 tax?: How do you explain a CO2 tax to the voter in such a way that he is enthusiastic about it? As a barter deal, where the voter already starts to dream about his tax evasion.