Agora: Planned deliberate total failure

The Agora proposal: bureaucracy, bureaucracy and more bureaucracy! Behind this is the insane thinking that "capitalism is evil, bureaucracy is everything."

  Planned deliberate total failure

10 steps to the goal: This is how the EU achieves its climate targets. The think tank Agora Energiewende has developed a plan for how the EU can achieve its climate and energy goals. 10 key measures are to pave the way.

So it is written on Erneuerbare But the content is planned, deliberate total failure.

  Point 3: Main evidence of the prosecution

3. setting a binding "shadow price" for CO2 emissions: This would have to be included in all European and national infrastructure and investment decisions.

Aren't non-wage labor costs in the EU far too high? Isn't unemployment on the southern edge of the EU far too high? Here are the values for January 2019:
  • Greece 39.1 %
  • Italy 33 %
  • Spain 32.6 %
The only chance against this unemployment is to massively reduce non-wage labor costs, and the only realistic counter-financing is a high CO2 tax.

  Profitability Transitions

Everyone has read about profitability transitions countless times without even suspecting that this term is behind it. Most often, you read about profitability transitions in various car tests when it comes to the choice of fuel. For different car models, taxation and fuel prices, it is calculated up to how many km per year the gasoline is cheaper and from when the diesel is worthwhile.

When printing books or pamphlets, there is also a profitability transition between photocopying and offset printing. For my last book, this was at 1000 copies. In 1993, when I printed my first book, only offset was available, and I paid 30% more to print 2000 books with 256 pages than I did in 2013 for 3000 books with 416 pages.

Why the GEMINI house from 1991 and the design for GEMINI 66 look so different? There is also a profitability transition behind it. In 1991, I wanted to save 7 kW of photovoltaics at 49,000 EUR with 10,000 EUR of rotary mechanics. But if 7 kW photovoltaic cost only 3,500 EUR, then it is highly senseless to want to save these with 10,000 EUR rotary mechanics. This was based on the assumption that 23 kW of sun-tracking photovoltaics would yield as much as 30 kW facing south. Some bankruptcies in the solar industry were also caused by profitability transitions: thermal concentrator plants remain almost the same in price, photovoltaics became massively cheaper.

Such profitability transitions also exist for power plants. At 20 EUR per ton of CO2 and the current gas price, CCGT gas-fired power plants are cheaper to produce electricity than lignite-fired power plants. Large photovoltaic free-field plants are starting to become profitable even without subsidies.

For small systems that are retrofitted on house roofs, on the other hand, much more expensive man-hours are required per kW peak of photovoltaics. These are therefore not yet profitable at 20 EUR per ton of CO2 certificate price. What can be done about it:
  • Higher price for CO2
  • Reduce ancillary wage costs
These are all things that only work with a true carbon tax, where tax revenues are genuinely redistributed to reduce non-wage costs. The tax reform described in would bring all the creativity of the free market to bear on the problem. In contrast, the Agora proposal is bureaucracy, bureaucracy, and more bureaucracy.

Behind this is the insane mindset of "Capitalism is evil, bureaucracy is everything" or "All power to the councils, I am a council". It is deliberately planned total failure in a project vital to our future. It is thus a human rights violation in the human right to the future.

  Plan 20-3-0

In the next 20 years, a 3-fold increase in the global economy with a simultaneous reduction of fossil energy down to almost zero.

Investment avalanche - innovation avalanche - economic boom

Even if the costs for a CO2 reduction by means of filtering and splitting have clearly decreased due to the current price development, 9,000 billion per year are not affordable for today's mankind. But with a 3-fold increase of the world economy and further cost reduction it is affordable. Why should it be affordable? Thawing permafrost and outgassing methane hydrate pose enormous potential climate hazards. A little reduction might not be enough. Even 100% less CO2 emission might still be too little. 200% less, i.e. no further human CO2 emission plus active reduction by filtering and cracking, should be sufficient.

The economic conditions must be created for this, and the fact that this can only work with the creation of global prosperity is a nice side effect.

  List for expression and explanation of the demands

Page 1 signature list to print, page 2 the prehistory, page 3 to 36 slides to the presentation about the background of the demands. In the PDF are numerous links to further information.

  Information events

Now that the website, list and presentation on this are ready, I hope to receive invitations to many information events on the parliamentary citizens' initiative "Investment avalanche unleashed - trigger economic boom".

  Page 1 Print, page 3-36 Study, collect signatures

How do you change something? By doing something! In this case download the PDF, print page 1, study pages 2 to 36 and then start collecting signatures.
          Agora: Planned deliberate total failure: The Agora proposal: bureaucracy, bureaucracy and more bureaucracy! Behind this is the insane thinking that "capitalism is evil, bureaucracy is everything."